Privacy Policy

This policy is provided for users of this website and customers of Easy Window Cleaning. A printed version is also available on request

1. Definitions;

Data – Information submitted via the contact us section of the website or given to us in person, over the phone or via email.

DPA – Data protection laws relevant to the Data protection directive 98/46/EC or the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations first introduced in 2018) for as long as these are effective in the UK.

End user, You or Customer – This refers to;

A. Any individual who uses the physical services of Easy Window Cleaning.

B. Any user submitting information via the Easy Window Cleaning website contact us form

C. Any user submitting information to a third party payment provider in order to make payment to Easy Window Cleaning

2. Data Collected

As a general rule we collect the following information from our customers;

A. Name and address

B. Contact information – Usually email address and or phone number

C. Details of your property in order to provide physical services on site.

The above is collected in line with this policy. Should addition information be recorded this will be agreed with you. For example shift workers may request we attend in the afternoon, a note of this may be made. In all cases our customers are made aware of additional information recorded.

It is important that we keep data up to date. Please ensure you keep this information up to date with us so that we can amend our records.

3. How the data is collected

Information is collected in the following ways;

A. When customers submit a ”contact us form” and answer the questions provided

B. During a Booking/Quote visit we will complete a booking form with the customer. Information recorded on the sheet is listed below;

– Name and address

– Price quoted for Services

– Frequency services have been requested

– Contact details

– Details of your property – A description of the property to provide physical on site services

C. When a customer makes a payment through one of our authorised payment providers they may provide us details such as your name, email address. This information should be covered by the payment providers own privacy policy.

Outside of the above, to the best of our knowledge information is not recorded automatically. Our website does not currently use cookies and we do not collect your IP address.

4. Data sharing

We may share your data with the following people or companies for the following reasons

(i) Any of our group companies or affiliate – If required for administration purposed

(ii) Employees, professional advisers or pre-agreed sub contractors – To provide services agreed with you

(iii)Third party companies who provide administration services for Easy Window Cleaning. Your information will be stored securely in an account that is only accessible by Easy Window Cleaning and the company providing the service. Easy Window Cleaning are the only company who will use the data in this instance

(iv) If requested by a legal authority such as but not limited to the CPS (Crown prosecution service) your data would be provided as requested.

(V) Should the company and brand ”Easy Window Cleaning” come under new ownership details of information stored would be passed to the new owner(s) to continue day to day opperations.

Although information is provided to third party payment providers such as Stripe and GoCardless they have their own privacy policies.

5. How we use your data

The data listed above is required by us from time to time for the following

(i) Internal record keeping

(ii) In the general pursuit of daily operations to provide services to our users

6. Data security

We do our best to safeguard all data. The following are examples of the ways in which we do this;

(i) Data is stored on secure servers and accessed by password and passcode

(ii) Passwords are only provided to employees of Easy Window Cleaning, devices that store data electronically are not accessed by anyone else unless under the direct supervision of an Easy Window Cleaning employee. For example, if a device storing data requires a third party engineer to repair it will be locked unless an employee from Easy window cleaning is present.

(iii) Written data is not kept in company vehicles unattended. Once data has been correctly added to our billing system or booking form all written data is destroyed.

If you suspect misuse of data or a breach in data has occurred please contact as soon as possible.

Should Easy Window Cleaning be made aware of a data breach all affected customers would be contacted as soon as reasonably possible.

7. Data Retention

We hold data for up to 7 years for legal and tax regulatory purposes and to fulfil the purposes set out within this policy. Ageing data is deleted as follows

(i) 1 year from the date of quote where service is not taken up – This is to give the prospective customer an opportunity to follow up.

(ii) 7 years from the termination of services where a person has used a physical service from Easy Window Cleaning

(iii) As requested by a customer. Should a customer request either verbally or in writing that we destroy records held relating to them we will destroy anything not required for legal or tax regulatory purposes.

8. Your rights

With regards to data held by us about you you have the following rights;

a. Right of access – The right to request a copy or copies of all information held about you at any time. This information will be provided free of charge unless the request is manifestly unfounded or excessive. Unless legally permitted or required to do so we may refuse a request but we will tell you why

b. Correction – The right to request that any inaccurate information be corrected

c. Erase – The right to request we remove all or some of the information we hold.

d. Restrict – The right to stop us using your data or limit the way in which we use it.

e. Portability – The right to request we move, copy or transfer your data

f. Objection – The right to object to how we use your information including circumstances where the information is being used legitimately.

In order to invoke any of the above please contact us at If you are dissatisfied with the way a complaint is dealt with you are able to escalate the complaint to the Information Commisioner’s office (ICO) Contact details are available at

9. External websites

Throughout the website we have various links to third party websites. These websites will not be covered by this or any other policy. We aim to ensure all links are business relevant and working. From time to time external companies may amend their website or domain names in such a way that the links no longer work. Should you believe the link is not relevant to the content it is associated with please let us know as soon as possible

10. Transfer of rights

Easy window cleaning will not authorise the transfer of the rights above to another person or persons for domestic customers.

(i) For domestic customers an ”account” cannot be taken over by another person. In order for services to continue the other person would need to become a customer thus initiating their own rights in regards to this policy

(ii) Domestic services will not be contract via a third party, all accounts are to be held by the resident or someone with a significant interest in the property e.g. a landlord

For commercial customers a transfer of rights may be appropriate if the client has been subject to a change of ownership. This would only be applicable where it would be of detriment to either business to cancel the previous account and restart in order for services to continue. 

11. Assumptions

Upon using the website, contact forms or physical services it is assumed that you accept the terms of this policy. Any service agreement will be governed exclusively by English and Welsh courts. At present we do not work in Scotland and as such would not be subject to their laws.

Unless explicitly made aware data will be collected and stored as above. Due to the nature of our data collection processes it is assumed customers will be aware of the data we hold and happy for us to use it in order to complete our day to day operations unless we are told otherwise.

12. Business contact details, employees, sub contractors and change of ownership/control

We may from time to time need to reduce or expand our operations. This may involve the sale or transfer of all or part of our business. Where required to provide continuity of service data held by us may be transferred. Should this ever happen we would;

(i) Ensure the person or persons receiving the data are ordered only to use it as previously agreed under this policy

(ii) Ensure you are made aware of the data transfer as well as providing contact details for the new owner

(iii) Give you the opportunity to cancel future services and opt out of contact details being passed

We would always ensure we protect your data in line with this policy up to the transfer and take reasonable steps to ensure the purchaser intended to continue this.

Data may be disclosed to any prospective purchaser but this information would be limited to company financial information and property description and area location. We would not provide contact details, names and or address details. At the point of prospective sale you would not be able to be identified.

On occasion we may need to provide an employee with details about you in order to best direct our services. Employees would only be provided;

(i) Name and address – In order to attend a booking at your property

(ii) Contact details – Directly in relation to a booking at your property

(iii) Job details such as price, frequency and property details in order to complete the requested services.

All other information is only accessible to company directors. On occasion it may be appropriate for an employee to ask for information, for example they may need an email address to send a card receipt. If you are unsure about any request for information at all please get in touch with us

Contact details;

Business name: Easy Window Cleaning

Director name: Patrick Kinsella

Address: 11 Swallowcroft. Eastington. Stonehouse. GL103BH

Contact number: 01453 497077


To the best of our knowledge the above is correct at the time of writing. All reasonable precautions have been taken to ensure the documents validity and it has been proof read.